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Oracle Enlightenment Course

4-week Course

What Is A Oracle Card Reading?

Oracle cards can be traced back to the 19th century in France, where the first deck is said to have been developed by Madame Lenormand. Oracle card clarification is a divination or spiritual practice where a person uses a deck of cards with different images, symbols, and messages to seek guidance and advice on various aspects of their life.

The cards are shuffled and drawn, and the reader interprets their meanings based on their intuition, spirituality, and knowledge of symbolism. The cards reveal insights, choices, and steps for the person seeking answers and clarity.

Oracle card clarification reading can guide personal growth, spiritual connection, decision-making, and healing.  Oracle card clarification is best used when you are facing situations where you are uncertain about the direction you should take. This is done by tuning into the historic Oracle cards to tap into your Angels and Spirit Team's messages to you that you may be blocking. Oracle cards allow you to decide based on the Divine messages you receive, enabling you to open to their wisdom.

Oracle card clarification reading can have several benefits, including:

  • Clarity: Oracle card clarification can provide insights and clarity to help you understand your situation.

  • Encouragement: An Oracle card clarification reading card can provide encouragement and spiritual guidance in difficult times.

  • Intuition: Oracle card clarification reading is an excellent tool for connecting with your inner self.

  • Decision-making: Oracle card clarification reading can help you make decisions by providing valuable insights and guidance.

  • Self-reflection: Oracle card clarification reading can help you connect your thoughts, feelings, and actions, which can lead to personal growth and self-improvement.

  • Inspiration: An Oracle card clarification reading can inspire creative insights and projects.


4-week group course


Includes certified advanced techiques to learn read your own cards.

It`s the most optimal type of session for anyone.

In four weeks, you`ll have access to a deeper understanding of connections with the Universe, Angels & Your Spirit Team.

*A deck of oracle cards is required.

**If you don't have a deck you can purchase a deck at an additional cost.

Who Is This Course For?

Beginners ~ Advanced

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Sandy Skaar, MSW

Certified Professional Card Reader

Sandy Skaar, MSW

Certified Trainer

Sandy Skaar blends her wisdom and passion for intuition with her healing modalities to provide direct insights from Spirits and Angels through her formal training with her love and interactions to enhance and empower people's lives. Sandy knows the walk of an intuitive. She has been intuitive since childhood. Sandy understands what it is like to be “different.” She is passionate about empowering individuals to live healthier, happier, and successful lives. As she currently has two successful businesses herself!

Life hasn’t always been rosy; however, her Spirit Team has always shown her the way!

Sandy has a Masters's degree in Social Work and has a certification from Hay House as a professional card reader. Sandy has numerous other certifications, including Kundalini Reiki, Metatron, and Violet Flame. Sign up today and become enlightened by activating your intuition.

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9612 Parsifal Place NE, Albuquerque, NM 87111

(505) 337-3935